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Abi plays Kathleen, the paralegal who helped the lawyer, Rob Bilott, take on DuPont!  The amazing MARK RUFFALO played Rob flawlessly.

Recent News

Feb 2020  DARK WATERS is available on digital platforms!

Feb 2020 ooooh!!! The words Check Avail for Network TV always look & sound so good!

Jan 2020 That's a wrap on Possum -- a wonderful proof of concept short film where my character was a low-class, down-trodden mom accused of physical abuse. Can't wait for the world to meet 'Tina'!

Nov 2019 DARK WATERS premiered in NYC!!  I've been sitting on this news all year!  I played Kathleen, the paralegal for Mark Ruffalo's character, Rob Bilott.  Dir. Todd Haynes | Participant Media | Focus Features

Sept 2019 Had an amazing callback with Oscar-winning director, Alexander Payne today!  What a lovely legend and guy!

Aug 2019 Boom Roasted's 48 HR Film Terminus Earth took home three awards this year: Runner-Up Best Film, Best Acting, and Best Writing!

June 2019 Thank you Governor's School of the Arts for inviting me to speak to the Acting and Film/Photography participants again this year!

June 2019  Shot an amazing short where I played an unconventional detective! Then traveled to play a blue collar mom for a VCU film project.  

Mar 2019  That was a hilarious time shooting a new commercial for Dunkin' Thins!  We were buzzing on set!


Feb 2019 Booked a cool VO for the Amercian Civil War Museum! I get to use my Mississippi dialect :)

Jan 2019 Booked an enormous Medical Terminology VO!  Dr. Van Andel is in the house!!  This one will keep me busy for a while!


DARK WATERS | Mark Ruffalo | Todd Haynes | Anne Hathaway

Abi played Kathleen, the paralegal, to Mark Ruffalo's, Rob Bilott --The lawyer who took on DuPont, exposing the harmful chemicals in Teflon. 

IN THE RADIANT CITY | Jeff Nichols | TIFF Selection

Abi played a supporting role in this rural family drama starring Marin Ireland (Amazon's Sneaky Pete, Hell or High Water) & Michael Abbott Jr. (Loving, Mud).

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