Abi obtained her BFA in Acting from Syracuse University. After experiencing success with Shakespeare and Classical theatre, she turned her attention to on camera work. She's currently on a roll, booking strong supporting roles in feature films shooting throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

Often cast or called in for educated characters with mid-level authority, Abi is in her element playing the career-driven, female expert. Her childhood on a farm in rural Michigan lends a natural physicality and grounded element to her performances.

Most notably, Abi can be seen alongside Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway in Dark Waters, directed by Todd Haynes. This film follows the lifelong legal process lawyer, Rob Bilott, faced while going up against DuPont regarding Forever Chemicals. She also played the blue collar best friend of Marin Ireland (Amazon's Sneaky Pete) in the gritty family drama, In the Radiant City
, which premiered at TIFF 2016.


Look for the upcoming releases of Chronofilm: Season 1, where she plays a WWII Russian sniper and Damaged Goods, where she plays an acerbic coffee shop manager.