Dark Waters w/ MARK RUFFALO

An astute paralegal assists her boss in taking on DuPont.

Spirit Contemporary

A workaholic assistant editor uncovers dirt on a mayoral candidate.

Our Half Acre
2017 WINNER: Best Film, Best Writing, Best Directing Louisville 48 HR Film Project

A mother prepares to face her son's convicted murderer.

Murder Comes to Town ep 509

A witness reveals information on a local murder.

RC Pilot

A woman with a past visits an anger management group.

Faith Love & Chocolate

A cutthroat boss demands obedience & excellence from her intern.

Hope Bridge 

A guidance counselor helps a student with his father's suicide. Boo Boo Stewart of Westworld,Twilight, X-Men.

Roman Citizen  

After being held hostage, a woman is interrogated. 

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