Abi Van Andel

5' 6”

Local Hire: Atlanta, Chicago, various locations in the Southeast & Midwest

Film/TV (selected credits)


Dark Waters                            Supporting       d. Todd Haynes | Participant Media (w/ Mark Ruffalo & Anne Hathaway)

They/Them/Us                        Supporting       Blended Family Productions 

Adeline                                   Supporting       Persephone Films

Damaged Goods                    Supporting       d. Rin Oostman & Nancy Stafford

In the Radiant City*                Supporting       d. Rachel Lambert (w/ Marin Ireland & Michael Abbott Jr.)

Cold Cross                              Supporting       Query Productions

Spirit Contemporary               Co-Star            TBN

Murder Comes to Town          Co-Star            Investigation Discovery

Hyena                                     Lead                Outrider Studios

Roman Citizen                       Supporting       Light Forge Productions

Hope Bridge                           Supporting       Rebel Pilgrim (w/ BooBoo Stewart & Kevin Sorbo)
Divinity Murders                     Lead                Asbury University

Faith, Love & Chocolate        Supporting       Lucky Day Studios

We're Doing Fine                   Supporting        d. Djuna Wahlrab

Our Half Acre**                      Lead                 Boom Roasted Productions


*2016 Toronto International Film Festival Selection


**2017 Winner Best Film, Best Directing, Best Writing: Louisville 48 HR Film Project




Basic German

Basic American Sign Language


Dialects: Southern, British RP,

Russian, German,

Low-Class Londoner, Scottish 

Medical Terminology (test me!)

Teleprompter Proficient

Viola- 10 years training

Basic Weapons Handling                      ​

Basic Carpentry/Power Tool Skills

Novice Horseback Riding

Valid Passport

Industrials/Commercials (conflicts upon request)


Dunkin' Donuts, Kroger, Bob Evans, Lexus of Louisville, KFC/YUM! Brands, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Speedway, Intel, US Bank, Dick's Sporting Goods, Kandoo, Ohio Lottery, Nature's One, KY Lottery

Theatre (selected credits)

Richard III                                Queen Elizabeth                         Kentucky Shakespeare
Romeo & Juliet                        Lady Capulet                               Kentucky Shakespeare​

​The 39 Steps                           Pamela/Annabella/Margaret       Allenberry Playhouse

Midsummer Night's Dream      Helena                                        Savage Rose Classical Theatre

Macbeth                                   First Witch                                  Kentucky Shakespeare

The Mousetrap                        Mollie                                          Allenberry Playhouse



On Camera Classes/Private Coaching (ongoing)     John Swanbeck  (L.A.)

Private Coaching (ongoing)                                         Jon Lee Cope (Stella Adler Technique)

Scene/Monologue/Commercial Workshop              Atlanta Connection (Actor's Connection)

Audition Workshop                                                  Jackie Burch, CSA

Audition Technique Workshop                                 Kim Petrosky

Total Preparation Workshop                                    Erica Arvold, CSA & Richard Warner                       

Canada's National Voice Intensive                          5 Weeks: Acting, Voice, Movement, Shakespeare                            
B.F.A. in Acting                                                        Syracuse University                                                                             
Second City at CSU Summer Arts                          Improv/Sketch Comedy Summer Intensive